Donation to The C.A.S.T. helps community theater in Carroll County

When Carroll County Energy made a donation to The Carroll Aspiring Stage Theatrics (The C.A.S.T.), the appreciation was evident, as Director Deb Senko accepted it with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face.

A not-for-profit community theater group, The C.A.S.T. serves as a cultural and educational outlet of theatrical arts for the benefit of the men, women and children of Carroll County.

The C.A.S.T. has its roots in the school district. Senko used to be an assistant director to the theatrical group associated with the school and worked hand in hand with the director at the time, Todd Casper. When Casper was no longer able to be the director of the school theatrical division, Senko stepped in to fulfill the commitment to the children for that production. After the final show, the school decided to go another direction and Senko left the district.

In 2005, urged by the community, Senko contacted retail merchants and received a $300 donation to start a community theater group in Carrollton.

The first event was a skit at a Christmas breakfast hosted by the local Crossroads church and it was a hit. Members practiced and performed at the Days Inn for the next several years until after the remodel of the hotel when there was no longer a room that could accommodate them.

Heads held high, The C.A.S.T. moved on to share a venue with the local art association, near the feed store on West Main Street. When the Humane Society building came up for lease, the dream of having a theatrical center became a reality.

Senko is the manager of this organization along with board members that have mostly been there since the beginning of this proud organization. For the past 10 years, The C.A.S.T. has worked very hard to perform productions, encouraging people of all ages to experience the theater arts on stage or in the audience.