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Donna’s Deli, deliciously delightful

A Carrollton favorite for fresh, home-cooked meals, Donna’s Deli is owned and operated by Donna and Paul Saur.

Carroll County Energy is a big supporter of Donna’s Deli, as business associated with the power plant provides the restaurant with approximately 30 percent above usual sales by ordering boxed lunches for meetings. Also a fan, Bechtel orders 20 sandwiches daily when their staff is onsite, which “on a slow day can make all the difference,” said Donna.

Why a deli? The reason is that it allows Donna to be present for all operational hours. From the food purchase all the way to the food delivery, she has a hand in it. Every day, the restaurant is cleaned to her specifications and food is prepared to perfection. Responsible for food delivery, packaging, cooking and waitressing makes for a very demanding schedule that also restricts the hours of operation, but Donna wants to be involved in every order.

As the youngest of five children, Donna helped her mother in the garden from an early age and developed a love for fresh produce. Canning vegetables and harvesting food throughout the seasons was regular practice for the young woman growing up in Ohio. Donna’s home garden is now the source of a large portion of the produce she uses at her deli. She cans and freezes produce all summer long —right down to herbs — and always has the freshest ingredients available.

A 28-year veteran of the service industry, Donna refers to owning a restaurant as her pipe dream. At an early age, Donna developed a taste for gourmet food and different flavor combinations. She left Ohio for 14 years and worked in fine dining establishments on the east and west coasts. When family matters called her back to Ohio, Donna didn’t give up on her dreams; she opened Donna’s Deli.

The deli boasts a full menu of sandwiches, all carefully selected for the best flavor combination. Donna knows that it’s more than just delicious food that makes for a successful business. Satisfied customers, happy employees and a clean facility are also priorities. Donna takes great pride in the fact that she owns a business in Carrollton and gives credit to the community.  “Without them we wouldn’t be here.”

While Carroll County Energy and Bechtel have helped Donna’s Deli, it’s presence in the community has also positively impacted Donna and her mother by renting property owned by each of them.. To reciprocate, Donna is a supporter of the power plant in her community. As a speaker at the Ohio Power Siting Board public hearing, she spoke in favor of Advanced Power’s proposal to build a power plant — South Field Energy — in Wellsville, Ohio.

The relationship between Donna’s Deli, Carroll County Energy and Bechtel is a perfect example of what can happen when local businesses come together to support each other and make a better community.