Ruritan Club sees project’s progression during tour

On October 12, 2016, Carroll County Energy hosted a tour for the local Ruritan Club during the “quiet” time between the day and night shifts. Ralph Lucas, a neighbor, former Carroll County Sheriff and State Highway Patrolman, arranged the tour. These gentlemen have close ties with the community and projects taking place within Carroll County.

The 12 Ruritan members were given a PowerPoint handout to briefly explain the inner mechanisms of the major pieces of the plant equipment. This handout contained pictures or illustrations of the equipment and described the functions of the equipment in a way people who don’t work in the industry could understand.

The club members were separated into two groups with Mike Murphy, Carroll County Energy Site Manager, driving one group in a rental van and Shannon Travis, Carroll County Administrator, following behind in the company truck with the second group. The seating space in each vehicle allowed everyone the opportunity to see the equipment without the need to get out of the vehicles. There were several questions from the group about noise from the air-cooled condenser unit and other questions about power generation.

At the end of the tour, Mr. Lucas made it a point to say to the group, “Carroll County Energy does everything they really can do to make sure the neighbors surrounding the plant are comfortable and know what is going on.”
It was a pleasure to show the Ruritan Club the project’s progression to this point. We know they were very excited and pleased when they exited the gate.